Latin Swing Ballroom


  1. How many guests can Latin Swing Ballroom accommodate?
    Latin Swing Ballroom can accommodate approximately 320 guests for a seated reception with a dance floor.
  2. Do you provide guest parking and is there a charge?
    Our guest parking is complementary and is completely free
  3. Does Latin Swing Ballroom offer Wi-Fi to their guests?
    Unfortunately we do not offer Wi-Fi to our guests. 
  4. Are DJ's able to play songs per one's request?
    Since there is no Wi-Fi available in the facility, it is recommended that clients prepare a music playlist for their presentation or special dances
  5. Does Latin Swing Ballroom have outlets for the guests?
    Currently, we do not have outlets that are readily available for our guests. However, we do have outlets near the concession stands available per request.
  6. Are guests allowed to have an open bar or is it a closed bar only facility?
    Fortunately, we do offer open bar to our clients from 2:00 pm till 1:00 am
  7. Are clients limited to the vendors associated with Latin Swing Ballroom?
    No, our clients are welcome to look elsewhere for services such as catering, photography, DJ, etc.